Work by Mathilde MOREAU from her collection:

'Work by women as a condition for peace', 2015
Collage, China Ink on canvas. 100 cm x 81 cm

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About the artist:
  • Based in the Ivory Coast, MOREAU is the current Director of the National School of Fine Arts of Abidjan. Knight of the Order of Merit and Knight of the Ivorian Cultural Merit, Moreau has greatly contributed to the affirmation of Ivorian and African arts alongside her friends in the VOHOU-VOHOU movement. She has taken part in numerous solo and group’s exhibitions - in New York, Paris, Johannesburg, Tunis, Ouagadougou, Dakar, Norway, Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Chile and China. Between 2003 – 2005, she was a researcher at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing on traditional Chinese painting. Through hard work, Moreau is today considered the greatest female painter of Ivory Coast and one of the greatest African contemporary female artists. To find out more about Mathilde MOREAU and her remarkable work please click here.