Work by Lisa DANIELS

  • Purple Haze, 2015
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 91.44 cm x 121.92 cm

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About the artist:



    US-based visual artist Lisa Daniels specializes in abstracts, architecture and nature incorporating various colors and materials within her painting. Over the years and having done a range of art for clients from portraits to murals on the walls of their homes, her style has gradually emerged and taken on this different and new approach specializing in architectural elements and nature.
    While she enjoys painting in a traditional style, she explores the abstract version to create a unity between the two styles. They can be paired together, combining the subject seen through her eyes to the abstract created by her emotion and expression. The paintings can also stand alone, each on their own telling their individual story to the viewer. Lisa has recently discovered that her sense of color and material can be seen in the Feng Shui style of decorating. Incorporating these elements into her work brings another dimension to the painting and meaning to the viewer. To find out more about Lisa DANIELS and her fabulous work please click here.