About the artist:
  • US-based visual artist Lisa DANIELS specializes in abstracts, nature and architecture, incorporating various colors and materials within her painting. Over the years and having done a range of art for clients from portraits to murals on the walls of their homes, her style has gradually emerged and taken on this different and new approach specializing in architectural elements and nature. While she enjoys painting in a traditional style, she explores the abstract version to create a unity between the two styles. They can be paired together, combining the subject seen through her eyes to the abstract created by her emotion and expression. The paintings can also stand alone, each on their own telling their individual story to the viewer. Click here to download a copy of Lisa's new catalogue.

    At a very young age, Lisa started producing drawings full of patterns and vibrant colors, which were used by JP Stevens Fabric Company on some of their products. Lisa started studying at Dorothy Cannon’s Art Studio in Studio City, California at around 10 yrs old. Under Dorothy’s direction she explored all forms of art including drawing, painting, figure drawing, etc. Continuing with her art education Lisa went on to take classes such as graphic design, drawing, painting, water colors, and architectural drafting at various colleges, museums, and studying under other artists. 

    Lisa will be taking part in the sixteenth edition of Parallax Art Fair, which takes place at the magnificent Chelsea Town Hall, King’s Road, Chelsea, London, on 24 - 26 February, 2017. To attend, please click here to register.

    Lisa works on commissioned work with a number of designers on several different projects going into many luxury home locations. She also works with developers and architects doing commissioned paintings for their buildings. Lisa latest projects include heading a project for City of Hope Children’s Hospital, Lexington Scenery, and Universal Studios. The project consisted of creating cut-outs for children with leukemia to paint themselves and decorate the hospital walls. 

About the work of the artist:
  • Lisa’s art is a range between linear structure and free-flowing emotion to represent the subject she is visualizing. In her subjects she tries to show their beauty, strength and relations to their surroundings. The abstracts are her emotional expressions of the subjects of buildings and nature in color and mood. Sometimes they can be a view into her emotional and physical reaction to her subject matter. Her abstracts tend to be simplistic in order for the audience to be inspired by the colors and movements within the paintings. Her goal is for the viewer to think and feel something about the setting, movement, emotion and moment of her work. Lisa has recently discovered that her sense of color and material can be seen in the Feng Shui style of decorating. Incorporating these elements into her work brings another dimension to the painting and meaning to the viewer. 

    Do you have colour samples you would like to see in a painting? Lisa is currently available to take orders for commissioned work. Please email us admin@theivyartsboutique.com to find out more.

    The following (2:35 mins) video shows Lisa painting a commissioned piece for one of her clients, the US-based company Graphite for their office. The finished work is simply... gorgeous!