Work by Fulgence NIAMBA

  • Symphony -02b, 2017
  • Acrylic on canvas, 76 cm x 76 cm

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About the artist:
  • London-based Fulgence NIAMBA graduated from the School of Fine Arts of Abidjan and Paris, and also from the University of Paris 8. A certified lecturer in visual arts, he taught in England, Ivory Coast and France, where he contributed immensely to the formation of many teachers and artists. Visionary, assiduous entrepreneur, NIAMBA who is working tirelessly to promote visual Arts is the founder and curator of UNESCO l’Art Pour La Paix. He is widely consulted for private and public art collections. In his works, Fulgence is constantly seeking balance, and draws mainly on the symbolic elements of the universe, their relationship with human beings but also with everything that exists. To find out more about Fulgence NIAMBA and his remarkably outstanding work please click here.